It is with pleasure that I provide a professional reference for the company Complete Turf Supplies.


I have known and utilised the services of Murray Brown (Complete Turf Supplies) for more than eight years, initially in my capacity as Project Manager for Elegant Landscape and now as Managing Director for Outer Scape Pty Ltd.


Due to the type of work and clientele that we service at Outer Scape Pty Ltd, we have a strict policy of utilising only quality materials and tradespersons for all work. Complete Turf Supplies is one such company, and has been the exclusive supplier to Outer Scape because of their commitment to supplying a quality product and service. This includes work on both a domestic and commercial scale.


I have no hesitation in recommending the services of Complete Turf Supplies as they consistently meet our stringent standards and are always on time and budget.


Please feel free to contact me at anytime on 0417 096 673 should you wish to confirm the works undertaken by Complete Turf for our company.


Yours Sincerely

Peter G Wilson, Hort. Cert.
Managing Director

Peter G Wilson, Hort. Cert., Managing Director, Outer Scape Pty Ltd