Wintergreen turf ia a hybrid couch, emerald-green in colour, with a fine, dense and soft leaf texture with high colour retention under low winter temperatures and partial shade. Wintergreen turf has low seed head formation if mown regularly. Deep rooted, dense network of fine stolons and rhizomes making a tough turf with a very smooth soft but hard wearing surface. Wintergreen turf is used at Lake Karrinyup Golf Course for the fairways.

Wintergreen Turf Characteristics:

-   Non irritant;
-   Low to medium maintenance;
-   Excellent wear, recuperative and green up rate;
-   Excellent winter colour retention;
-   Good disease and pest resistance;
-   Requires minimum of 4 to 5 hours direct sunlight daily; and
-   Propagated from stolons (runners) or turf rolls.

Wintergreen Turf USES:
Residential and commercial lawns for a soft formal appearance. High wearing areas e.g. golf courses, tennis courts, bowling greens, where hard wearing/close mowing is required. Parks and gardens, sports ovals, soil stabilisation areas, roadside, urban infill areas.

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