Soft Leaf Buffalo Turf


The soft leaf varieties of Buffalo are extremely soft compared to the older types and have a healthy green appearance. It forms a soft, very fine texture, with no purple appearance even during winter. This variety is slower growing, so requires the least amount of mowing and watering. It tolerates moderate traffic.


- Attractive bluish green colour;
- Due to its dwarf characteristics, it is more drought tolerant;
- Excellent shade tolerance;
- Very low maintenance due to dwarf characteristic; and
- Excellent winter dormancy resistance with green colour retention during normal winters.

Soft Leaf Buffalo is a shallow rooting grass requiring more water in Summer than Kikuyu or the Couches. ????

The thick matting which comes with age makes it essential that you install your buffalo well below kerb height. The thick matting also prevents a lot of weeds from appearing. However, if wear induces bare patches and weeds get a hold, Buffalo is more susceptible to most herbicides and manual weeding is recommended. Soft leaf Buffalo is not drought resistant under Western Australian conditions.

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