Greenlees Park Turf


An eco type semi-dwarf couch, dark bottle green in colour, with a medium textured leaf blade of good density. Prominent seed head formation (up to eight weeks annually or longer if the plant is under stress giving the grass a course appearance when seeding). It has dense deep rhizomes and aggressive stolons (runner) giving the grass a rugged, tough and resilient sward with a soft leafy surface. This turf is used at The Vines Golf Resort on the fairways.


- Mildly irritant when seeding;
- Medium maintenance, requires sharp mower;
- Moderate to highly invasive;
- Moderate to high thatching characteristics if not mown weekly, although it resists scalping;
- Good tolerance to waterlogging;
- Good wear and recuperative rates;
- Modderate spring green-up rate, having longer winter dormancy;
- Moderate winter colour retention;
- Moderate disease resistance, good pest resistance; and
- Requires minimum 5 to 6 hours direct sunlight daily for healthy growth.

Residential and commercial lawns where a deep contrasting colour is required. High wear and tear areas, i.e golf courses, sport ovals and race tracks, where resistance to tearing is required. Parks, road verges, soil stabilisation and urban infill areas.

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